Xentient Labels

Adds color labels to Windows icons

With Xentient Labels you can assign the same label color to all files of the same type, or you can assign different colors to each file. Xentient Labels works on the Desktop, in Open and Save dialogs, and in Windows Explorer.


  • Assign different label colors to your most frequently used files so you can easily tell them apart.
  • Create your own green, yellow, and red color scheme to prioritize your documents.
  • Assign different label colors to your personal and business documents so you don't mix them by mistake.
  • Assign different label colors to your local disks and network folders so you don't save a file to the wrong folder.

Xentient Labels


Xentient Labels 1.1

— User reviews — about Xentient Labels

  • spapasp

    by spapasp

    "Does not work with Windows 7"

    This program looks interesting. However it does not work with Windows 7. More.

    reviewed on December 20, 2012